Monday, March 14, 2011

Fried Chicken and Herbed Veggie Mix-Up

This was not one of my best meals.

I wanted something to make with my Recipe Swap recipe other then the typical roast chicken. In retrospect, I should have gone traditional because those potatoes probably work best with that meal. I asked SP for his thoughts and he said fried chicken. Since all I had were boneless, skinless chicken breasts I went to Google for inspiration. I found this recipe on and gave it a whirl, along with a recipe for Herbed Veggie Mix-Up I've been wanting to try.

All the different components of the meal were good on their own, but put together into one meal and they failed to meld into a cohesive dinner. SP wasn't a fan of the veggies at all, but he liked the fried chicken quite a bit. I'll make that recipe again, just not with these sides.
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