Friday, February 06, 2009


Last Saturday we went to see our friend's son in a play. We met up with C & T and H & T and H's son C for dinner at Aikou, an Asian restaurant near where they all live. T had a spicy tuna avocado salad to start:

I snagged a bite of the tuna and avocado and it was spicy, creamy and delicious. I started with a Godzilla roll (spicy crunchy tuna topped with avocado and red tobiko):

One of my new favorite dishes is crispy jumbo shrimp with honey, walnuts and lemon cream sauce. We got two orders to share between me, SP, T & C since we all love it so much.

SP got two sushi rolls, eel and avocado (on the right) and spicy tuna (on the left):

C loves their Thai basil fried rice with shrimp so we all split an order of that as well:

So much good food, so little stomach space. I wish this place was closer to us, but it's probably a good thing that it isn't or we'd be there once a week (and very poor because of it).
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  1. Everything looks awesome. I went to the website and also read some reviews - I wish I lived close by!


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