Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ina's Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Our friends T & C enjoyed the peanut butter cupcakes I made the last time they came over so much that when T was at the store and saw this:

... she decided to buy a box for me to try. Sunday is usually my baking day so I opened the box this afternoon to see what was involved. The contents:

... seemed rather straight forward. Everything is included except butter, eggs and heavy cream. The packet on the left contained the cake mix, the packet in the middle was peanut butter and the packet on the right was confectioner's sugar (as far as I could tell). All you do is mix room temperature butter with the cake mix, add the eggs, pour into cupcake tins and bake until done. The frosting is the sugar mixed with more butter and the peanut butter, along with some heavy cream. Not hard to do at all, especially since it seems like there isn't much in the way of additives. The results:

... looked and tasted pretty much exactly like the ones I made from scratch (save for the crushed peanuts on top). Thanks T & C for thinking of us. And yes, SP has already had a cupcake and I plan to share more with him.
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  1. When I saw the photo, I first thought that the heavy cream, butter and eggs came in the box too! I was going to say, wow, they can't be real eggs, they'd break! *doh*

    They look great. Sometimes it's good to just use a box mix, but when the result is close to what you would have gotten by yourself, then it's a nice pat on the back for you. :)

  2. Katie - LOL! That would have been pretty amazing, wouldn't it? :)

    Thanks! They tasted great. I love peanut butter and chocolate together. And they were really easy. You know I'm not a baker so this was even easier then making them from scratch.

  3. yum! those look awesome!

    if you are interested in more chocolate peanutbutter goodies, come join my cookie carnival!

    : )


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