Friday, February 08, 2008

Fish Dinner

I've said it before - we don't eat enough fish. We both love it, but most of the time it's something you need to buy fresh the day you use it and we just don't have the time or energy for that during the week. But tilapia is something we can buy frozen at the wholesale club and cook a thousand different ways, so it's kind of become our go-to fish.

Last night I wanted something simple and comforting. Nothing fancy, just good solid food. I decided to lightly batter the filets in egg and flour and fry them in vegetable oil. The fish developed a nice crispy crust without being heavy or greasy. A squeeze of lemon over the top really added that extra. I knew I wanted potatoes but I wanted to do something different, so I cubed and boiled them then tossed them with a little butter, salt, pepper and chopped parsley:

We love arugula but don't eat much of it in the winter. The bagged arugula looked good at the store so I made a quick salad with sliced mushrooms, grated Pecorino and a red wine vinegar and oil dressing:

Let me tell you, this meal was outstanding. We both felt immensely satisfied, even though it wasn't a heavy or complex meal. And the leftovers today were excellent for lunch. I love when a meal really hits the spot.
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  1. I'm glad it was outstanding cause it looks it. I need to cook fish more often too, and I have to remember it can be so simple yet so good like this.

    love the salad as well.

  2. Melissa - You always love my arugula salads. :P

  3. I do! I really am a salad fan though. such a rare gem I am. ;)


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