Monday, February 18, 2008

Cat: A Pictorial

When I came upstairs to update my blog I saw the cat sleeping on the big chair in our bedroom. The chair has been one of his favorite places to sleep ever since we won it at a silent auction a few years ago. I love capturing him sleeping in adorable positions so since I had the camera with me I was able to snap a few photos before he woke up. This is how he looked as I crept quietly into the room:

Despite the squeaking floorboard I stepped on, he didn't wake up right away and I was able to stand in front of the chair in order to capture a different angle:

Then I moved around to the other side of the chair. I love it when he sleeps with one arm completely outstretched:

Miraculously he was still sound asleep. I love that his little pink tongue is sticking out in this photo:

Uh oh...he's on to me! His eyes suddenly opened, the arm came down and he woke up.

After a quick stretch he followed me into the office, where he proceeded to stretch out on the floor for another quick nap.
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  1. Oh that is so cute! I love how cats sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking positions yet to them it's the hight of comfort! :D

    And I think that couch looks so so so comfy!

  2. Katie - I knew you'd like these pictures. :)

  3. LOL the cushions on my favorite chair and sofa look like that too. It drives me CRAZY.

  4. HEEEE! I love pictures of your furry child. he's so gorgeous. :D isn't it great when they stretch into adorable sleeping positions? cats are the best!

  5. Anon - Do you mean you have the same fabric or that your cat sits the way mine does?

    Melissa - I'm glad someone does. SP's coworkers were making fun of me yesterday, saying I was trafficking in kitty porn. LOL! Then they made me feel bad for waking him up by taking his picture, nevermind the fact that he fell back to sleep almost instantaneously. As if he isn't getting his 20 hours or something. Sheesh. :P

  6. cats are so ridiculous and wonderful!

    what a beauty!

  7. As if he isn't getting his 20 hours or something. Sheesh. :P

    hahaha! I know... in the mornings, when my little andy is dozing on the bed while we're getting ready for work, I always think how jealous I am of her. sleeping, eating and playing all day. what a life. ;)

  8. Kath - Aren't they fantastic? Thanks for the compliment - we think he's got gorgeous markings.

    Melissa - I can't tell you how many times I've told our cat to get a job. LOL!

  9. "Anon - Do you mean you have the same fabric or that your cat sits the way mine does?"

    neither, haha. I mean they're all squished and misshapen from endless kitty naps. I have 3 and they all like that place.. In fact, one is on the back pillow of the couch right now! GRRRRR


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