Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fish Tacos

When I planned this week's menu I tried to come up with meals using some of the 36 corn tortillas I bought for the enchiladas I made for Cinco de Mayo. Tonight's dinner was Fish Tacos using a recipe from my Williams-Sonoma Mexican cookbook.

I had some reservations about this meal, mainly because I've never eaten a fish taco before let alone made my own. But they were outstanding. The fish was light, the cabbage added a nice crunch and contrast of flavors and the sauce was tangy and creamy.

I used frozen tilapia filets that I cut into strips and marinated in lime juice, garlic powder, salt and cayenne pepper for about 10 minutes. The batter was 1 cup of flour mixed with 1 cup beer (I used Dos Equis because SP bought a case for Cinco de Mayo), cayenne pepper, salt and garlic powder. The sauce is 1/3 cup each of plain yogurt, mayo and ketchup mixed together. You heat a pan with some oil and once it's nice and hot you dredge the fish in the batter, allowing the excess to drip off, and then fry in batches. The fish actually floated in the oil, which was a pleasant change from the last time I batter-fried something and it stuck to the bottom of the pan. Once the fish has fried to a nice golden brown, drain it on paper towels. While the fish is cooking, heat a griddle or skillet over high heat and toast the corn tortillas (we used 8 and it was more than enough for two people) until they brown on both sides. Serve with thinly sliced cabbage and salsa fresca.
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  1. Oh my friend, I LOVE the fish tacos! When I lived in Irvine (Orange County,CA) we would eat these all the time!

    Mmm...I might pick up some Mahi and make tacos for dinner tonight!

    Great Post!

  2. I'm in an area where there are a lot of fish tacos. There's even a fish taco fast food joint called Rubio's. Yours looks spot on!

  3. Jessy - My father lives in Irvine and I read a lot of Orange County-based blogs and they're always raving about fish tacos. If you made these I hope you post about it. I've really missed your food posts (or any post for that matter!)

    elmo - Next time we're out in CA I'll definitely have to try one of the taco places. I've always seen them but never tried them. I'm glad to know the ones I made look authentic. They were SO good!

  4. I have never had fish tacos before, although I have wanted to try them. I have some frozen talipia in the freezer and corn tortillas in the fridge. I just might have to make some!


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