Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chinese Takeout

When we got our first apartment together, SP and I found a great greasy Chinese takeout place down the road that was our go-to spot whenever the craving hit. Even when we moved to another town we still went to this place because it was the best around. Now that we've moved to another state, albeit only 15 minutes from our old apartment, we can't justify the drive anymore. We rarely get Chinese takeout, but we knew we needed to find a good spot in town. Our first experience left a lot to be desired so now we're on a quest for good Chinese takeout.

SP had band practice tonight and while I was trying to think of what to make for dinner (and feeling very uninspired) I came across a coupon from one of those bulk mailers for a Chinese place we pass on our way to the supermarket. I decided to start the quest with this place and ordered a few dishes from our standard fare - an eggroll, roast pork egg foo yung and sweet and sour chicken.

I really liked the way the duck sauce and spicy mustard pooled together, kind of artistic. The egg roll was beautifully crisp, with a nice mix of pork, shrimp and vegetables in the filling.

The pork egg foo yung was actually pretty good. I could tell the brown sauce would be nice when I stirred it and it wasn't gloppy. It had a good flavor, not too mild but not too salty either. The egg pancake was good, a little too hard in some places but generally good.

I got the sweet and sour chicken for SP so he'll have that and some of the egg foo yung when he gets home. We'll see what he thinks. Overall I'd say this place has serious potential.
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  1. only 3 meals in over a week?

    :( please come back, the gloppy meal in the first post is making me ill!!

  2. C - We had friends staying with us all weekend so I haven't had a chance to post. I promise a new post tonight or tomorrow (at the latest).


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