Monday, May 14, 2007

Bruschetta Chicken

After putting this meal on the menu a few weeks in a row and always getting sidetracked, I finally got around to making it. My friend C Laz (who recently started her very own food blog) has been raving about her recipe for Bruschetta Chicken with Cheesy Orzo forever.

I modified her recipe slighty because we have a charcoal grill and it's SP's job to get it going and he wasn't home until dinner was almost ready. I made Rachael Ray's Cheesy Orzo and added a few tablespoons of heavy cream as per C Laz's instructions, but I chose to leave in the grated cheese because we love it and it really worked well with the dish as a whole. In fact, SP (meat-eater extraordinaire) said he could have eaten a bowl of just the orzo and been very happy. I also made a knock-off version of bruschetta using canned diced tomatoes mixed with chopped garlic, dried basil and parsley that was good but not nearly as good as the bruschetta I can get at the local specialty food market for $6.99/pound.
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  1. YOU MADE IT! It looks absolutely delish! Did you enjoy it?

  2. We did! I wish we'd grilled the chicken and had Wegmans bruschetta, but other then that the flavor from the marinade was awesome and we loved it as a whole.

  3. I've never made orzo (It's hard to find here in Manila) but your dish looks yummy!


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