Friday, May 30, 2014

May Re-Make Recap

May was a crazy month - we ran our first 5K race of the season, attended our first food truck event, celebrated Mother's Day and Baby Girl started swim lessons. Work has been busy for both of us as well. And now that the weather has changed, we've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible, at least when the weather cooperates. It's been a bit off-kilter lately, with 85 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next.

It was another delicious month in the kitchen. I remade some family favorites and rediscovered a few dishes I've been wanting to remake for awhile.


I used the last two 8-oz packages of homemade chorizo to make chicken chorizo patty melts for Sunday dinner. Everyone loved them. This is one of Baby Girl's favorite meals and she was sad to learn that it was the last of the homemade chorizo. If I can find my blender I may make another batch just so we can have these sandwiches again.


I pulled these avocado enchiladas from way back in the archives. Any time someone would ask for a vegetarian Mexican recipe I'd recommend them, but it had been 5 years since we'd actually eaten them. Just as delicious as I remembered.

Refried beans

And, of course, we had refried beans on the side.

You all know how much I love these Hawaiian chicken sandwiches, so I was thrilled when Baby Girl requested them for dinner this month. I'm always grateful that she's a good eater but it makes me very proud when she actually asks me to make something specific.

crispy potatoes

And what sandwich would be complete without these roasted potatoes? I could eat these once a week (and sometimes I do).

Springtime pasta

This is another meal Baby Girl asked me to make - linguine with alfredo, asparagus, peas and poached egg. I posted this photo on Instagram because it was just so perfect. Look at that egg contrasting with the asparagus and peas. Gorgeous. This one is always a winner.

Skillet beef stroganoff

I also decided to do a new post for this skillet beef stroganoff. This is one of my most popular recipes and for good reason - it's a one-pot meal that tastes great every single time.

No recipe recap would be complete with these TRH salads. We went a few weeks without having them and I missed them.


This 3 cheese pepperoni and rosemary pizza is my new favorite pizza. Words cannot adequately describe how delicious it is. I found one more ball of dough in my freezer and this is the pizza I'm going to make with it.

Another old favorite, this mom's helper is a knock-off version of Hamburger Helper that tastes world's better.

After recommending this chipotle honey lime pork tenderloin to some friends and watching them all blog about it I knew I had to remake it. Man, oh man, is this a good one. This time I made a quick chipotle mayo to dip the pork into. Divine, especially when paired with the recipe below.

I feel like the pork tenderloin above goes so beautifully with this mushrooms and corn with cilantro recipe. Maybe it's the shared cilantro, I don't know. All I know is this is phenomenal.

Roast beef panini

We need quick meals on Wednesdays when Baby Girl has swim lessons, and these roast beef and cheddar sandwiches were perfect. I didn't cook them on a panini press this time and they were still great. I prepped everything in advance so all we had to do was assemble and eat.

The day I had this bacon broccoli mac and cheese on the menu I didn't feel like eating pasta so I left it out. The broccoli coated in the cheese sauce mixed with bacon and scallions was delicious.

crispy fish

I can't go too long without making crispy tilapia. I actually made it twice - once as sandwiches and another time as fish sticks. We all loved the fish sticks and couldn't stop eating them.

I brought back an old favorite - cheesy zucchini rice - to serve with the fish sticks. Such a great side dish. This is one of SP's favorites and now that zucchini is in season we'll be having it a few times a month, I'm sure.

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