Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Burger Friday - BBQ Bacon Burger

With the warm weather coming I decided I wasn't thrilled with the idea of cranking my oven to 550 degrees for an hour or more to make pizza for Pizza Fridays. We weren't huge fans of grilled pizza, but I wanted something that was as versatile as pizza. Enter the burger. Not only are there thousands of toppings for burgers, you can switch up the meat as well. Perfect.

My first Burger Friday burger was a BBQ Bacon Burger. I always keep the burger meat simple - just a little salt and pepper - and let the toppings dictate the flavors. I mixed BBQ sauce and mayo together to slather on the bun, cooked some bacon and had SP melt slices of sharp cheddar cheese on my burger during the last few minutes of cooking. Everything was layered on a toasted bun and dinner was served.
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