Saturday, April 23, 2011

Avocado and Tomato Omelet

During the week when my grandmother was in the hospital and my whole menu plan had gone out the window, I found myself putting Baby Girl to sleep before I had dinner. As she was drifting off to sleep I was doing my own dreaming - of an omelet with gooey American cheese, sliced tomato and avocado seasoned with salt and pepper. As soon as she was asleep I rushed downstairs to make my dream a reality.

I was pretty proud of this omelet, mainly because I managed to fold it over perfectly. And the best part was that it tasted exactly as I imagined it would. If you're anything like me, sometimes the anticipation of the meal is better than the meal itself. That wasn't the case this time. Every bite was deliciously perfect.
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  1. Oh my...I think I might be drooling on my keyboard over here...this looks divine!!!

  2. I love when the reality matches the vision. Awesome.


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