Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pasta...of some sort

Another casualty of delayed blogging. This bowl of pasta looks delicious, doesn't it?

Too bad I have no clue what it is. Anyone want to play Guess the Ingredients? I think there's chicken, spinach, maybe some scallions. I can't tell if that's an onion or a piece of artichoke. This is why I need to be better about blogging frequently.
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  1. The "I have no idea what this is" posts are cracking me up. Hehe.

    Definitely spinach and chicken. Whatever else it is, it looks good... so hey, you've been eating well and that's what counts, eh? ;)

  2. I am going to guess artichoke, based on the little greenish piece in the left center.

    In any case, it looks like it was probably really tasty!

  3. ha, this has happened to me before... i take a photo and come back to it later, wondering where the recipe came from


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