Friday, March 12, 2010

Ham and Egg Sandwich

I've drooled over photos of breakfast sandwiches on The Food Pornographer's website for a long time, but I hadn't thought of making one at home since cooking bacon is usually too time-consuming for me. But then I realized I could use deli ham and my new favorite breakfast was created:

I toast two slices of white bread and then butter them. While the bread is toasting I fry two eggs overeasy and layer deli ham (I prefer Virginia ham for the sweetness) on the toasted, buttered bread. When the eggs are done they're placed on top of the ham, sprinkled with fresh ground pepper and the sandwich is assembled. The pressure of the first bite breaks the yolks and most of the gooey, yolk-y goodness dribbles onto the plate, but I just use the sandwich edges to sop it all up. I think TFP would be proud of this shot:

Messy but so, so good.
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  1. Heck yeah she would! It's gorgeous and gooey and perfect. And I really like this version with ham because well, unlike apparently everyone else, I don't often have bacon in my house. :)

    I know what you're saying about TFP's, her sandwiches are droolworthy (as are all her food pictures - thanks for leading me to her).

  2. my husband makes these when he makes breakfast on the weekends sometimes, but he adds a slice of deli american cheese - try it, so yum!

  3. LOL you guys (The Home Cook and Melissa!) Mmmm, what an awesome looking sandwich, with the generous layers of ham and that gooey egg (I see that yellow pool of yolk left behind on the plate - YUM)! I'm just imagining sinking my teeth through all that ham. I would totally devour that sandwich... after ogling it for a while. :P


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