Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rigatoni Woodsman-Style

SP vaguely remembered this recipe from when I made it last year, and after a quick look through my blog he asked that I make it. I did a quick inventory of the freezer and pantry and realized we had everything I needed to make Rigatoni Woodsman-Style:

It was just as delicious as we remembered, with just a slight kick from the sausage. I don't know why this is so tasty, but it definitely is.
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  1. I just thought about this the other day. Really! When I imported my blog back from my desktop, I only saved about half the posts, for recipe ideas and/or future posts of meals that have become true favorites. This is one that I kept and I really want to make it again soon. It's awesome!

  2. I prefer cream or cheese sauces over red... and this just looks fabulously tasty and comforting.

  3. this looks amazing! i love anything with big thick noodles.


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