Saturday, December 12, 2009

Onion Chicken, Au Gratin Potatoes and Green Beans

We had leftover French's onions from Thanksgiving. I was looking at the can and saw a recipe for onion chicken that sounded super simple - coat chicken in egg and crushed onions and bake.

I have a confession to make - I've been cheating these days. SP found these Betty Crocker casserole potatoes and I fell in love with them. Simple to make and they taste pretty darn good. I'm also into steaming veggies in the microwave, especially since our supermarket was practically giving them away at Thanksgiving. One day, when Baby Girl is older and I can really get back in the kitchen, I'll go back to my old way of cooking but for now we had a delicious meal in no time flat.
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  1. Looks pretty good to me and I'm sure it tasted good too!! There are times when short-cuts are necessary!!

  2. That chicken sounds great. I love those onions on everything.

  3. Nothing wrong with shortcuts, definitely not now. I used to make those BC potatoes all the time for Steve because he loved them... and to date, I still haven't made scalloped homemade. :P

    Love the chicken!

  4. Ive made chicken this way before, its SO good, isnt it?!

    And you are allowed to take shortcuts, I'm impressed you are cooking as much as you are!!


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