Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Menu - Week of June 10, 2012

Here we are, the week before Father's Day, and I'm in awe that it's already June. Summer will officially be here next week and I can't wait. We had a great time down the shore this past weekend and are looking forward to spending many more weekends down there. I'm really excited about this week's menu, as we strive to eat healthier and make positive changes in our lives.

Sunday - We had Caprese Burgers and leftover macaroni salad for dinner, but I also made Black Bean Burgers to keep in the freezer.

Monday - I've had my eye on these Chicken and Basil Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes ever since Jessica posted them. I'll serve them with this Easy Arugula Salad made with mixed greens instead.

Tuesday - Hoagies after exercise class.

Wednesday - My recipe swap, along with a side salad.

Thursday - This Baked Ziti with Summer Veggies was part of the recent Noodle Swap and I'm looking forward to enjoying the wonderful, fresh flavors with side salads.

Friday - Breakfast for dinner with Cassie's Breakfast Tacos. I can't wait!
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  1. I want to make that ziti and those baked potatoes ASAP. I can't wait to hear what you think of both of them! And I hope you like the tacos. I think Baby Girl will enjoy them, if she's anything like my boys! :)


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