Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Dinner

This year SP and I hosted Christmas dinner. It's an easy meal, the same one we've had for years at my stepgrandmother's house, but when you're the one cooking it there's immense pressure to make it fantastic.

We started with delicious olives, artichokes, meat, cheese, stuffed peppers and asparagus that my aunt brought:

The main course was roast beef. I followed the Wegmans cooking directions but left out the red wine sauce. I hadn't anticipated how long the beef would need to cook, so I'm glad we had stuff to nosh on while we waited. Here it is resting before I carved into it:

... and a few slices for the table:

Green beans with almonds:

Mashed potatoes (I used my ricer to get them silky smooth):

Yorkshire pudding:

... which is much easier to make then I would have thought. My plate for the first round:

Everything was delicious, if I do say so myself. Next year I think it'll be even better because I know how long everything takes to cook!
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  1. Glad everything turned out so well. I did my potatoes in my ricer as well (brand new!) and the texture is just awesome. Cheers to good first Christmas dinners! ♥


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