Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chile Chicken and Cheese Rice

I brought the camera downstairs, turned on the chandelier and opened the dining room curtains for light and I still managed to forget to take a photo until I was halfway finished with my dinner.

This morning SP wanted to know what I wanted for dinner so he could go grocery shopping. I looked through my recipes and found an old favorite - Chile Chicken and Cheese Rice. It was good, but not spicy enough (despite the 5 jalapenos) and a tad too salty. I still ate a good amount, though.
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  1. I thought the design under your fork was a morsel of food! Yeah, I'm an idiot.

  2. Hehe. This is a bowl that we got in a set of 4 as a wedding gift. All the designs are vegetables - this one is a pepper and I think the other 3 are eggplant, tomato I'm drawing a blank...


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