Saturday, December 30, 2006

Chicken Sandwiches and Onion Rings

We'd been snacking on leftovers all day so dinner tonight wasn't a big production. I wanted to experiment with a new way to cook onion rings:

... but it didn't work out so well. When I make fried calamari I use flour as the coating. I thought I could do the same thing with onion rings but the flour wasn't enough of a coating and I ended up with plain old fried onions. and learn. If I didn't experiment in the kitchen I'd never know what works and what doesn't. At least the sandwiches were good - chicken marinated in lemon juice, salt, pepper and dried basil then pan seared and served on a roll with roasted red peppers, mayo and some melted pepper Jack cheese.
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  1. Love yr blog...great idea for chicken sandwiches!!Do stop by at my blog THINKING PINK these days! Cheers


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